Google Ads Budgeting for Start-ups

Google Ads platform mainly works on keyword & position bidding. Your budget should be selected based on the traffic volume and cost per click. Assuming you are farm fresh! to this process. I’ve put together 3 simple steps to help you roughly estimate what your monthly budget should be.

Follow These Simple Steps:

1. Use This Free Keyword Research Tool

2. Select the top relevant keywords for your industry/product or service.

3. Entry Top Bid & Low Bid from your research as shown below & click ‘Calculate Budget’.

Google Ads Budget Calculator
<a href="">Google Ads</a> Budget Estimator

Google Ads Budget Estimator

Enter your keywords, their Top page bid, and low bid to get an estimate:

Estimated Budget:

Position 1: $0

Position 2: $0

Disclaimer: This is a simple estimator to provide some idea on how much you should be budgeting. All estimates are built for 10 clicks maximum a day.

In the realm of new businesses, one recurring question is: “What should my Google Ads expenditure be?” Crafting a Google Ads budget indeed poses a significant challenge for both novices and veterans in the pay-per-click marketing landscape. The process can often seem daunting, require a substantial time investment, and may not always receive the appreciation it deserves.

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